Yoga for Eyes and other Anti-aging Exercise to Prevent Droopy Eyelid

by THEA Home Beauty | Feb 6, 2023

Not only are eyes the windows to your soul, they are also the first to show signs of ageing. Eyecare is therefore important for everyone. Here are some techniques to keep your eyelid muscles and skin around the eyes fit and healthy.


Exercise your eyelid with tools

Firstly prep your eyelid for an intentional workout by making muscles softer and more flexible with warming massage tool, then use a stimulating eye massage tool such as microcurrent eye massage tool or kneading eye rollers. The mechanical pressure forces a reaction in the small muscles of the eyelid, passively working the eyelid muscle.



Raising Your Eyebrows

Placing a pinky finger underneath the eyebrow and holding them up for several seconds at a time while trying to close them. This creates resistance similar to weight lifting. Quick, forcible blinks and eye rolls also work eyelid muscles. You can perform this type of eyelid exercise a few times a day.


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Eye Patch Workout

This is more for people with only single eyelid droop. It is common to use the other eye for more difficult tasks, much like using the good hand or leg instead of one that’s injured. To strengthen workout for the weaker eyelid with as much natural exercise as possible, you may cover your good eye with a patch. The weaker eyelid will get more exercise naturally during the day as you go about your day as usual.




Trataka Yogic Eye Exercise

Renowned among the Ayurveda community for overall eye health and vision improvement, the Trataka yogic eye exercise is like yoga for the eyes.  Eye movement is linked to eyelid movement, this exercise will help exercise the eyelid. Fix your eye-sight to a specific object, traditionally on a lit candle but it can be any object really, with the droopy eye or both eyes. Stare at the object without averting your gaze for as long as you’re able to. You’ll feel your eye muscles working as you do and the length of your gaze will improve as you practice more. Depending on the severity of your ptosis, you can spend 1 to 5 minutes each day exercising your eyelid.




Sivananda's Basic Eye Asanas

If you are looking for more intensive eyelid exercise and if you can spare the time for a session of eye yoga. This is the one for you. The first exercise begins with sitting in a comfortable posture with eyelids open, the head and neck still, and the entire body relaxed. Picture a clock in front of you, and raise your eyeballs up to 12 o'clock, hold for a second. Then lower the eyeballs to six o'clock, hold for a second. Continue moving the eyeballs up and down 10 times, without blinking if possible. Keep your gaze should be steady and relaxed. After 10 sets of movements, warm your palms by rubbing them together then gently cup them over your eyes (“palming”), without pressing. Allow the eyes to relax in complete darkness. Concentrate on your breathing, feel the warm prana emanating from your palms, and enjoy the momentary stillness.

Follow this exercise with horizontal eye movements—from nine o'clock to three o'clock—ending again by palming. Then do diagonal movements—two o'clock to seven o'clock, and 11 o'clock to four o'clock—again followed by palming. Conclude the routine with 10 full circles in each direction, as though you are tracing the clock's rim.



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These eyeball movements provide balance for people who do work up close, spend extensive amount of time reading, staring at mobile or working at computers. According to Robert Abel, author of The Eye Care Revolution, these brief exercises "compensate for over development of the muscles we use to look at near objects. 

Take a break, enjoy your eye gym session!



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