Microneedling 101

by THEA Home Beauty | Jul 11, 2022

Microneedling (also known as collagen induction therapy) might sound scary thanks to the word “needles” in its name, but actually it’s an easy and minimally invasive treatment that is restoring and rejuvenating to the skin. Virtually painless, this anti-aging procedure can be done by a trained dermatologist, esthetician, or in the convenience of your own at home.

A microneedling beauty tool is called a derma roller and looks like a paint roller covered with fine needles. Its purpose is to puncture the skin when you run it over your face to create hundreds of tiny, invisible puncture wounds in the top layer of the skin. Piercing the skin with tiny holes kick starts the skin’s natural healing process, and best of all stimulates both collagen and elastin production. Some doctors even say that this procedure is one of the most powerful ways to stop aging by lifting the skin and preventing new lines and wrinkles from forming.



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How does it benefit my skin?

The clinically-tested derma roller has the ability to trigger the generation of new skin cells. Even only a couple of sessions will noticeably reduce acne scars, deep wrinkles and crow’s feet. A great home beauty gadget, results range from improved texture and firmness to reduced pore size and stretch marks. At the same time, microneedling helps your skincare lineup work better because the tiny punctures allow skin care ingredients to penetrate faster into the skin than they would on their own and therefore causing faster changes in the skin.



How do I pick a derma roller?

Arm yourself with the right beauty tool and microneedling at home is a cost-effective solution to more beautiful skin. Consult your esthetician, or if you have already done micro-needle treatments previously, your dermatologist, so they can recommend an ideal needle length and give you a tutorial on how to use it. Remember to read reviews, research well-known brands, choose the correct needle length and be sure to buy a suitable, quality roller.

Derma rollers can be used for all skin types, but you shouldn’t use one if you have skin conditions like rosacea, active acne, and extremely sensitive skin. Choose derma rollers that have needles that are between 0.25mm to 1.0mm for the face, anything above 1.5mm or above should be avoided since they are designed for use on the body. You might also have slight bleeding when using needles over 0.5mm.

Look for titanium microneedles over surgical steel, and choose a density of 540 needles for better coverage. There are derma rollers with detachable heads with different needle sizes, and there are different roller heads that specifically target the eye or lip area. The Artistry Hong Kong recommends the Derma Roller System which have needles at 0.5mm in length or the 6 in 1 Derma Roller System which provides heads for the body and eye area.




Using a derma roller at home

Microneedling is best combined with a topical treatment, like a vitamin-rich serum or platelet rich plasma (PRP). Rolling will enhance a products’ absorption, so be aware with applying alpha hydroxyl acids or retinols and avoid them completely until your skin gets used to this procedure.

After you’ve cleansed and applied your skin serum, apply gentle pressure while rolling your device over your skin vertically, horizontally and diagonally. Aim to do two to four rolls each way in the same area and then move on to the next section. After the rolling is done in every area of the face, apply a second layer of serum. Wait a few minutes before applying other creams and lotions other than your serum.



When and how often should I do it?

A great time to do microneedling is at night since your skin will become a little pink from it. A good way to start is by rolling once a week to begin with, then increase gradually up to three to five times a week. 


  0.2mm 0.25mm 0.5mm 0.75mm 1.0mm 1.5mm 2.0mm  2.5mm
Hair Regeneration, Regrowth x x x          
Fine Lines   x x          
Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkles     x x x      
Open Pores     x x x      
Pigmentation Marks     x x x      
Acne Scars     x x x      
Light Scars     x x x      
Cellulite         x x x  
Stretch Marks         x x x x
Deep Scars           x x x



Taking care of your derma roller

Keeping your beauty tool clean is very important. As soon as you’re done using your derma roller sterilize it in specialized roller cleaner or alcohol for 3 to 5 minutes. Let it air-dry and then put it back in its container.

A derma roller should be replaced every month if it is frequently used because the needles will dull. Your first derma roller should last roughly 3 months but if it is used several times a week you should get a new roller every month.



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