Ion: Fast-Track to Healthy Hair and Skin

by THEA Home Beauty | Feb 8, 2023

Until a few years ago, maintaining a glowing complexion and ultra-glossy hair required expensive professional treatments. Luckily, the latest beauty technology has cut down on both costs and time.

Ion technology is a case in point. The beauty technology, which has been applied to everything from facial cleansing devices to hair dryers, has been quietly revolutionizing the beauty world. It’s easy to understand why: The technology is naturally occurring, safe and easy to use. It also offers visible results – whether used for facial cleansing, hair care or better skin care absorption.


Why we chose it

  • Skin devices provide gentle, effective cleansing and restoring balance
  • Hair devices lock in moisture, minimize frizz and reduce styling time
  • Affordable, safe and easy to use
  • No downtime required

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What is ion therapy?

Before diving into ion therapy, it’s important to understand the role that our skin plays in protecting us from harmful elements such as bacteria, viruses and UV rays. While the epidermal layer is an effective barrier, it simultaneously makes it harder for skin to absorb beneficial, nutrient-rich skincare.

That’s where ion therapy comes in. Discovered by scientists more than 100 years ago, ions are compounds with either a positive or negative electric charge. All matter is composed of ions – meaning they’re everywhere, including in your hair and skin. When an ionic device comes into contact with these molecules, it triggers a reaction and response which varies according to the type of energy released. It’s important to note that at-home devices provide either positive or negative ion therapy, depending on the purpose:

Positive ions are generally used for deep cleansing. When generated, they attract negatively charged impurities in pores under the surface layer of the skin. This reaction softens the structures around the molecules, creating electrostatic pressure.

As a result, hard-to-reach grime and oil is drawn to the surface and washed away, delivering a clean and clear complexion.

Negative ion technology bonds with positive ions on the skin to restore moisture and enhance nutrient absorption. That’s why it's often recommended to use negative ion therapy in tandem with face creams and serums.

Of course, ion technology is commonly seen in hair devices too. Hair dryers, for instance, utilize negative ions because your strands naturally have positively charged elements due to chemical products and heat styling. The positive ions cause your hair cuticle to split and open – so the drier your hair, the more positive its charge. When an ionic blow dryer emits negative ions, it cancels out your hair’s positive charge. In the process, ions break water molecules in follicles into tiny particles, enabling them to evaporate faster. The negative ions also neutralize static, minimize frizz and close the cuticle to seal moisture – all while cutting down on drying time.



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Nanoe vs ion technology

Often conflated, nanoe and ion technology fall under the same umbrella. Nanoe is a type of water ion that’s generated from air moisture. It holds 1,000 times more moisture than a negative ion as well as antimicrobial properties, which makes it great for air purifying and deodorization.

That’s why you often see ‘nanoe’ tech on sophisticated air conditioners and wardrobe care equipment. In the beauty world, nanoe technology is a great complementary technology because it provides deep moisturizing benefits to your hair and skin.




A few more questions

Ion: Fast-Track to Healthy Hair and Skin

Who is ion therapy for? Ions are invisible molecules that work on every skin type. It’s ideal for those looking for a combination of deep cleansing and moisturization. Ionic hair dryers and straighteners are a great way to fast-track your hair care regime, as well as hydrate strands.

Can negative ion therapy be used on skin, rather than hair? Yes, particularly when paired with serums and moisturizers. A negative charge enables the nutrients to penetrate below the epidermis, resulting in increased absorption and smoother skin.

Can negative and positive ions be used together? Some devices allow a gentle rotation of the electrode polarity, which has a boosting effect on the skin.

Does ion skin therapy hurt? Nope! Ion devices bring dirt and grim to the surface of the skin in a very gentle way.

Does it require any downtime? Nope. None at all.

How often can I do it? Whether you’re using ion on your skin or hair, it’s safe to use every day.

Can I use it with other beauty technologies? Yes! Ion therapy is often used in conjunction with EMS, ultrasonic vibration and LED light therapy for added benefits.



Try ion therapy at home

Since ion therapy is often combined with other technologies, you’ll often be able to purchase gadgets that have multiple functions to suit a variety of needs.

Among the best is Cozcore Florecer 4-in-1 Facial Device, which offers heated massage, brightening, anti-aging and lifting functions alongside LED therapy, ion and microcurrent technology.

For haircare, try Panasonic Double Mineral Nanoe Hair Dryer, whose nanoe technology tightens the cuticles, strengthens and smoothens the hair and alleviates the damage from UV light.

The Panasonic Hair Straightener and Curler is also a top-performing product, hydrating and smoothing strands through nanoe technology.



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