What is Hydrogen Water, How Does it Affect Skin and Body?

by THEA Home Beauty | Oct 16, 2019

Hydrogen (H2) is the simplest form and smallest molecule in the universe. It is present everywhere including in our body which is made up of 70% water. 

Hydrogen water is essentially water enriched with hydrogen. It is produced by changing the composition of  water commonly by electrolysis (using direct electric current to cause a chemical reason) or by magnesium stick. Hydrogen H2 is dissolved into the water but does not bond to the H2O water molecule. 


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Benefits of Hydrogen Water

For hydrogen to be therapeutic to the human body, it needs to be in nano bubble form, which means, it is so small that it is not visible to the human eye. Since it is the smallest form of molecule, it is able to penetrate the membrane of cells, mitochondria and even all the way inside the nucleus affecting the body in the deeper cellular level. This unique property allows it to exert health benefits such as antioxidant effect, suppresses inflammatory, anti-obesity(reducing insulin level, increase good cholesterol) and anti-allergy actions. 



What is Hydrogen Water, How Does it Affect Skin and Body? 2

Using visual aid to help understand the concept of oxidation, think of a fresh apple that’s been cut open and turn brown over time. The process of the apple turning brown is precisely oxidation. A chemical reaction that produces free radicals leading to a chain reaction that causes damage.

Oxidative stress occurs when an oxygen molecule splits into a single atom with unpaired electrons, which is called a free radical. Electrons like to be in pairs so this free radical scavenges the body to seek out electrons. The first free radical pulls an electron from another molecule, which destabilizes the molecule and turns it into another free radical. This domino effect can eventually disrupt and cause damage to cells, proteins and DNA and could result in cell mutation or tumor development.

Antioxidants fight free radicals by donating electrons. The byproduct from this chemical reaction of hydrogen neutralizing free radicals is water only, therefore making hydrogen a harmless and superb anti-oxidant.

Oxidative stress come from many different sources like exposure to sun, pollution in the air, fried food, medicine, alcohol, tobacco smoke, hard physical activities etc. We all have oxidative stress and we rely on antioxidants to fight it. Our body maintenance system produce antioxidants to fight oxidation naturally.  Problem arises however when oxidative stress overpowers antioxidants. Therefore, to maintain good health, it is important to ensure we have sufficient antioxidants in the system.



Sources of antioxidants

What is Hydrogen Water, How Does it Affect Skin and Body? 3

Our bodies have natural built in antioxidant system and hydrogen boost this system. We can also consume dietary antioxidants such as Vitamin A, C & E, plentiful in colorful fruits and vegetables. Researchers have found that hydrogen water is over 160 times more effective than Vitamin C, over 430 times more effective than Vitamin E and over 860 times more effective than Q10 in neutralizing free radicals.



Hydrogen Water Applications

In the sports field, athletes drink hydrogen water to reduce lactic acid build-up, reduce muscle fatigue and improve muscle recovery. In the medical field, hydrogen water is put on burned skin for quicker cell recovery.

In the beauty field, hydrogen water is used externally for shower,  as hydrogen mist for facial spray or internally as drinking water for its anti-aging benefits to combat free radicals caused by metabolism that happens within the body or oxidative pressure caused by the environment. Hydrogen water can help prevent premature aging and achieve healthier skin, hair and body. 




If you decide to drink hydrogen water,  watch out for contaminants such as chlorine and ozone which may be unintentionally added to the water if a filter is not properly in place.

Hydrogen (H2), as it is in the smallest form, it can get out of practically anything containing them even if it’s in a glass container. Hence it is advisable to drink hydrogen enriched water quickly.

To enjoy the benefits of hydrogen shower, there needs to be a way to charge the filter for it to ionize the water. Hence some hydrogen shower filter will require exposure to the sun, without charging, it would work much like a normal shower.


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