Beauty On: Venus Hui

by THEA Home Beauty | Jul 12, 2023


1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Beauty is born, and inherited from parents. Natural beauty is beauty that appeals to the five senses, looking naturally attractive without makeup. I have been on a quest for natural beauty since I was very young by trying many skin care products. My skin was easily sensitive until I came across  Enspri by chance. It changed me, I never thought I would be involved in the beauty industry. It's been a long journey from knowing nothing about beauty to getting to know thoroughly everything about skin care.


2. What are your beauty regimes?

I usually keep my morning beauty routine simple. I clean my face with water only, then use a cotton pad to apply toner,  emulsion and SPF. On working days, I put on full face makeup and on non-working days, I only put on moisturizer and SPF 50 to allow my skin to breathe and rest.

Hair is one of the main parts of my appearance that determines how I look and how put together I am which makes it necessary to visit the hair salon each month.


3. What is your beauty secret? 

My beauty secret is all about purifying and detoxifying. We all know the importance of keeping skin clear. Investing in suitable skincare (you won’t regret it, promise!), drinking lots of lemon water, getting more rest and always having a positive mindset as well. All these will definitely have an effect on how you look! Allowing you to radiate from within. 




4. What are your must-have beauty products? 

i. SOS Cream  

Nobody would believe me if I tell them I have problematic skin. The truth is, I always keep this cream within reach. It treats my acne, dark grains, and acne scars. If you want to get rid of sores without leaving scars, I highly recommend it!         


ii. Menard Beautness Toner

This toner quickly improves unstable skin texture and targets skin problems such as excessive oil secretion, acne, external pollution, and psychological factors. It eliminates sebum bacteria, prevents the formation of dark spots and acne, repairs unstable and sensitive skin, and brings soothing and moisturizing effects.


iii. Enspri Ceramide Serum

Deep hydration to dramatically reduce wrinkles. Ceramide lipids form a protective barrier just below the skin's surface to help bind and retain moisture. 


4. How do you achieve work-life balance while keeping up with self-care?

I have a newborn child so I rely on beauty masks & supplements. One popular ingredient that undoubtedly reigns supreme in the beauty industry is Collagen. This mighty protein simply comes in the form of powders, tablets, and liquids. This helps to slow down natural wear and tear on my skin and body, promotes a youthful appearance, and helps me get my radiant glow back.


5. How do you relax at the end of the day?

If I wish to have a nice sleep, I do a simple face yoga with Enspri Ceramide face oil, to relax the tension of the face muscle and improve blood circulation, it is very effective for stress relief and dredging lymph. The brighter and smoother skin the next day is definitely a bonus. 


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