Beauty On: Shirley Kwok

by THEA Home Beauty | Feb 13, 2023

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a banker turned baker. I started The Cakery, a healthy bakery in 2016, where we strive to help you live a healthier and fitter life. Our goal is to fulfill your sugar cravings and have fun while doing it. We believe in the motto “you are what you eat”, where we take some of the healthiest ingredients, replace refined sugar with natural sugars, while increasing the amount of good fats and proteins to improve the overall nutritional profile of our desserts, so that you can enjoy your favorite desserts guilt free. We offer a range of products that are organic, sugar-free, gluten-free and vegan-friendly. Each of our products have balanced macros and are nutrient-rich so you get a whole lot of goodness in every bite. I love what I do because I feel like I am making a difference. Many people can’t eat cakes or desserts for various reasons, we are here to provide a solution for them. In May 2019, I will also be launching a new platform, KIRR, which is an online platform that makes attaining a sustainable lifestyle more accessible.


2. What are your beauty regimes?

I love to kick start my morning with a glass of warm water or a glass of lemon water. I feel that helps to cleanse my system and detox a bit. Lemon water has a lot of health benefits, other than boosting my immune system, the vitamin C component, as well as other antioxidants, help decrease wrinkles and blemishes, while also combating free radical damage. This is vital for healthy glowing skin. Ever since I was young, my mom would prepare goji berries and black sesame powder for me to add to my breakfast, both rich in antioxidants. This has become part of my morning ritual.


3. How do you define success? 

Previously when I was a banker, I thought the more money I made, the more successful I was. This completely changed the day I started my own business. My work now helps make a difference in people's lives. I actually feel more successful now than I used to be, despite making more money from my previous job. My job now is much more demanding and I put in a lot more effort for a lot less money, but everyone sees that I am happier because I feel like I have a purpose and I truly love what I do. Many times I have thought of giving up but whenever I see happy faces on my customers and hear their kind words, it keeps me going.


4. What are your must-have beauty products? 

I am very lazy when it comes to applying beauty products. But two things are must-haves for me - sunscreen and lip balm. I have been doing a lot of research on clean beauty and found that there are a lot of harmful chemicals in beauty products. Always read the ingredient labels before you purchase any beauty products.


5. In your opinion, what makes one beautiful? 

I believe in inner beauty. I came to that realization after I had my first child. During my recovery period, my mom prepared super nutritious food for me every day and I felt like I was glowing. Feeling good about myself makes me feel confident, and in my eyes, self-confident women are the most beautiful.


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