Beauty On: Queenie

by THEA Home Beauty | Jun 12, 2023

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself. 

In addition to being the Head of Nutrition at Negimen, I am also a University Lecturer. I was fortunate enough to enter the nutrition industry right after graduating, and started to work as a nutritionist in a health testing service company. This has totally subverted my cognition of nutrition which is not only about “healthy eating”, but also other critical health aspects on food sensitivity, effectiveness of metabolism, heavy metal accumulation and more. 
Until I have had an opportunity to meet the founder of Negimen, the idea of integrating Nutrition and Chinese Traditional Tea Therapy have brought my career to the next level. I have never thought that bringing wisdom from 2 totally different cultures can create such a meaningful and practical spark to health and wellness, once again breakthrough in my understanding and application of nutrition.
Going into consultation sounds alike and repetitive, but being interactive with people from different backgrounds, my vision and inspiration never stops. This has always been encouraging and motivating not just for new contents, but also for staying true to my original intention to nutrition.


2. What are your morning and nighttime beauty regimes? (or Weekly, monthly, yearly beauty regime?) 

I usually keep my morning beauty routine quick and simple, only washing my face with water. then use a cotton pad to apply toner, followed by serum, emulsion and SPF. On working days, I put on full face makeup. On non-working days, I only put on moisturiser and SPF 50 to allow my skin to breathe and rest.
I end my day with a cleansing device by following the cleansing and anti-aging mode on the designated app. I also use a pore cleaning beauty device for a deep cleanse on a weekly basis, seeing the dirt and grime coming out make my mind feel refreshed too.


3. How do you define success? What makes you feel empowered? How do you stay motivated?

Success, to me, is the progress of achievement, it is never a click of a finger. I guess there are different meanings of success at different life stages. I always think the present success is the start of the next accomplishment.
When I was still a student, I thought entering the nutrition industry opportunely indicated success. But when I first stepped into the society, I felt very helpless. I found that more importantly is to build up the characteristics to execute the expertise, survive in the competitive community, towarding successed. 

I do not think success has an endpoint, but there will be countless challenges waiting for you to encounter and succeed. I am not a talkative person but I always remind myself to keep observing and stay interactive. Even though I have most of my attention on nutrition, there are still so many aspects to open up.

Beauty On: Queenie 2


4. What is your beauty secret? Or do you have any beauty hacks to share or do you have any beauty miss-haps you’d tell our readers not to try?

I do believe beauty and health come from within, apart from a fixed skincare routine, natural tea therapy - Negimen Tea - is my secret to regimen. As a nutritionist, I am always asked for dietary advice, mostly about weight loss. In fact, body weight is just an indication of health, not everything. 
To me more importantly is the capability of body functions. For beauty spread from the inside out, it must be from healthy organs, to skin and appearance. Negimen Tea is exclusively designated with individual unique body data, tailor-made to one's concerns on all aspects. I have very sensitive skin which is easily disturbed especially before and during menstruation. Negimen Tea helps soothe the fluctuation of hormone and inflammatory factors, taking me to the next level of natural beauty. 


5. In your opinion, what makes one beautiful? How do you define beauty

I do believe beauty is formed through thoughts and emotions, with a good mentality and positive attitude. Spiritually is a soul covered by thoughts and beliefs as we grow, the confidence shows on the appearance. Of course every single one of us has to face ageing, but I feel this is a form of art that goes along with the personal journey of neither woman nor man.


6. Work can be challenging at times and demand long hours. How do you care for your skin and health?

Since the skin condition always reflects the actual health status, this is so true of how the body communicates with me. I usually have Negimen Tea as my “controlled”, while having a moisturising face mask on a daily basis. It is very tricky to avoid all the skin situation in reality, so I always observe my skin and make a slight twist to my diet and skin care routine if it happens.
I am aware of how the Chinese traditional wisdom mentioned the position of acne or skin situation to echo the abnormal situation happening in specific organs. My approach is always to reduce the workload of the body instead of putting more burden on. Let’s make this simple, acnes appearing on the chin is an indication of poor gastrointestinal matter. What I will do is to first cut down the fibre intake and not rush to put on acne clearing products. To me, more important is to let that excess sebum or whatever toxins come out then follow up with corresponding skin care.


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