Are LED lights bad for the eyes?

by THEA Home Beauty | Feb 9, 2023

Light therapy does magic to your skin and has many amazing benefits such as reducing the appearance of wrinkles, getting rid of annoying acne and acne scars, and creating that dewy skin glow for a youthful and more energetic look. But light therapy can also cause eye damage if it is not used properly.

To put it simply, it’s all basic science and to put your mind at ease, it is worth understanding not all lights are the same. Unlike ultraviolet light, red LED light will not burn your eye, it is not the kind of light that causes suntans or skin cancer. BUT chronic exposure to LED lights can speed up the ageing of the retina which is a layer at the back of your eye that is responsible for converting the lights that enter your eye into electrical signals so that your brain forms a picture. That is why we should still be mindful to take proper precautions and not to significantly overload our eyes.

What is LED lights?

It is essentially different wavelengths (colors) that send a message into the layers of the skin to trigger different reactions within the skin cells. At-home LED treatment are completely safe and typically takes between 5 to 20 minutes depending on the device and model of your choice. It is recommended to keep your exposure to LED light to less than 30 minutes a day. If you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines, use the device appropriately and protect your eye accordingly, you can achieve your skin goal without worries. When it comes to light therapy, the key is not “more is good” but consistency over time.


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Who should be extra cautious when it comes to LED lights?

Most people are unbothered by the unnoticeable faint flicker that LED lights produce but if you have existing medical conditions associated with eye strain, eye fatigue, migraines and seizures, it is best to be cautious and stop using the LED device if you experience discomfort. Seek medical advice from your doctor when in doubt.

How can we protect our eyes from LED lights?

LED lights are present not just in the LED face masks, it is also present in devices such as television, smartphone, computers etc. Minimizing the time exposed to it is one remedy. Reducing the amount of LED lights entering your eye is another. Avoid staring directly at the LED lights and wear eye goggles to block off a good portion of the LED light. Pay attention to how you feel, if you feel discomfort or pain in the eye, it is likely a signal for you to take better measures to protect your eye. 


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